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The mission of The Knee Society is to promote outstanding care to patients with knee disorders through innovative research and education.

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Welcome to The Knee Society

It all began at the time when total knee arthroplasty was growing as a successful treatment for knee arthritis. The development of total knee arthroplasty in the 1970’s included diverse opinions on implant design and surgical technique. As the excellent five-year results of the total condylar prosthesis became available, there was a clear need for exchange of ideas on implant design and surgical technique among surgeons and engineers.  Thus, The Knee Society was created on March 13, 1983.  The history of The Knee Society is rich with accomplishments and contributions to the field of knee surgery.   This is history in the making, more chapters are yet to be written, and all members of The Knee Society are a part of this inspirational story.


Robert L. Barrack, MD
Robert L. Barrack, MDPresident
St. Louis, MO
Mark W. Pagnano, MD
Mark W. Pagnano, MDFirst Vice President
Rochester, MN
John J. Callaghan, MD
John J. Callaghan, MDSecond Vice President
Iowa City, IA
Robert T. Trousdale, MD
Robert T. Trousdale, MDThird Vice President
Rochester, MN
Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, FACS
Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, FACSImmediate Past President
New Albany, OH

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