The Knee Society’s Scientific Awards

In October 1993, the Knee Society Board of Directors established an award program to recognize meritorious presentations at the annual Specialty Day meetings. In 1995, the Board designated three awards to be presented annually, in honor of Knee Society members Mark Coventry (for the best Basic Science Paper), Chitranjan Ranawat (for the best work on a Surgical Technique) and John Insall (for the best work on a Clinical Subject or Outcomes Report).

Again, three scientific awards named to honor prominent members of The Knee Society are presented annually: the Mark Coventry Award; the Chitranjan S. Ranawat Award; and the John N. Insall Award.

TO BE CONSIDERED, submitted manuscripts:

  • Must highlight quality basic science or clinical research specifically related to the knee joint;
  • Must be completely original work, and not be published in part or in whole, in any print publication or electronic media platform;
  • May be previously presented, in whole or in part, if the new submission represents an important contribution;
  • Must be blinded;
  • Must be in a publishable format and adhere to CORR’s guidelines and procedures

Any or all of these awards are granted at the discretion of the Education Committee of The Knee Society.  Award paper  presentations will take place during The Knee Society/AAHKS Specialty Day Meeting on March 10, 2018, in New Orelans, LA

(at the AAOS 2018 Annual Meeting).

The 2017 John N. Insall, MD Award

Higher Tissue Concentrations of Vancomycin with Intraosseous Regional Prophylaxis in Revision TKA

Presenter: Simon W. Young, FRACS

Co-Authors: Mei Zhang, PhD; Grant A. Moore, BSc; Rocco P. Pitto; Henry D. Clarke, MD; Mark J. Spangehl, MD

The 2017 Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD Award

Does Computer Navigation in Knee Arthroplasty Improve Functional Outcomes in Young Patients?

Presenter: Young-Hoo Kim, MD

Co-Authors: Jang-Won Park, MD; Jun-Shik Kim, MD

The 2017 Mark Coventry, MD Award

A Randomized Clinical Trial on Patellofemoral vs. Total Knee Replacement for Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis

Presenter: Anders Odgaard, DMed

Co-Authors: Frank Madsen, MD; Per Wagner Kristensen, MD; Andreas Kappel, MD; Jesper Fabrin, MD

The Knee Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Be it resolved that the Executive Board of The Knee Society desires to recognize the accomplishments of the distinguished persons who have created a legacy of contributions to study arthritic diseases of the knee. This honor will be named the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Criteria for the Award

1. Nominations will be solicited once every 3 years.

2. Recipient need not be a member of The Knee Society.

3. The Award may be awarded posthumously.

4. Contributions are durable in print, either in books or in peerreviewed articles.

5. Contributions are pioneering and/or creative, with legacy value.

6. Nominations will be received only from members of The Knee Society, with one member as the primary nominator and two members as seconders. Nominations are due by July 1st of the year that the call for nominations is sent out.

7. The Lifetime Award Selection Committee will be comprised of five (5) members, including President of The Knee Society President, the immediate Past President, and the three VicePresidents.

8. The nominee, as selected by the Lifetime Award Selection Committee, will be presented to the Executive Board of The Knee Society at the Members’ Meeting, and approved by a simple majority vote.

9. Upon approval of a nominee by the Executive Board of The Knee Society, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the recipient or his/her delegate at the following Open (Specialty Day) Meeting of The Knee Society.

10. Recipients or their delegates who are nonmembers of The Knee Society will receive an honorary membership to The Knee Society as part of their Award.


Richard S. Laskin, MD

Richard Laskin


Peter S. Walker, PhD

Peter Walker


Richard D. Scott, MD



John N. Insall, MD



Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD



David S. Hungerford, MD



Kenneth A. Krackow, MD